With advances in online marketing, effective campaigns don’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can accomplish many of your sales and marketing objectives for free or few naira.

Online classified advertising is a great way to promote your product or service – virtually for free. With popular online classified websites like densiva.ng this type of advertising is very low cost.

With the expansion of internet classifieds, more and more consumers are finding what they need quickly and easily online. You can become a part of the online advertising opportunity simply by visiting one of these online classifieds websites and registering. After completing a short registration form you will be asked to post your ad. It also allow you to include a complete description, contact information, and a product photo.

When developing your classified ad, remember to include a basic description of your product. With a largely text-based environment, it’s important to highlight key features and a compelling differential for your product. 
As with any marketing initiative, online advertising requires experimentation, creativity, and tracking. Start small with just a few ads using the free and low cost classified advertising websites available online.