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PHYTEXPONENT is an innovative defense system booster produced in Belgium. It is designed to significantly improve the quality of life of patients whose immune systems have been compromised.PHYTEXPONENT is made of immunomodulatory herbal and patented compounds which are transmitted paracellularly and highly effective.Phytexponent is a powerful immune modulator….Create balance in your immune system.

Its key functions include: – Increasing resistance to secondary infections whether viral, fungal or bacterial- Stimulating the natural immunological system- Stimulating the body’s normal defense system- Reduce the side effects of Chemo and radiation therapies with *Phytexponent*- Viral load in HIV and HBV patients can decrease fast with Phytexponent.

Every cell in the body has a lining, a membrane that separates it from the surrounding cells. This membrane prevents the mixing of substances through the cell layers. However, PHYT Exponent crosses the membrane between the cells via para cellular absorption, thus allowing the body to absorb all the active/healing molecules from the herbal extracts.

Boost your immunity today with PHYTEXPONENT.Don’t let any Virus meet your Immune System Defenseless in case it bypasses other precautions.Decide Fast, Boost Your Defense Sytem Now, Today!!!

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