Ajunaplus(Blood Pressure Support) + Ashwagandha DS

Price – N39,500

Ajunaplus (hbp support)- cardiac wellness- regulates blood circulationactive ingredients:- hawthorn extract (leaf and flower)- green tea leaf- arjuna.

Hawthorn benefits:- loaded with antioxidants.- hawthorn berry is a rich source powerful antioxidant compounds found in plants.- may have anti-inflammatory properties.- may lower blood pressure. – may decrease blood fats.- may reduce anxiety.- used to treat heart failure.

Green tea leaf:stabilizes cholesterol levels.This ancient drink can help rid the body of bad cholesterol while maintaining the amount of good cholesterol.

Arjuna benefits:- fights damage from free radicals.- protects the heart- fights lipid disorders- tackles high blood pressure.- boosts energy and exercise performance- counters damage caused by smoking- arjuna can also help fight gastric ulcers.

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